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Musical Theater

Our musical theater program is perfect for students wanting to incorporate acting, singing, and dancing at the same time. We can customize your program package to fit your needs. 

Our 12-week program may be condensed to 2-4 weeks.

Week 1: Introduction. This week students will learn the basics of theater. Such as terms and audience etiquette. There will be a series of ice breakers and getting to know one another. A community agreement will also be written, to ensure the environment is a safe space and everyone agree to adhere to. 


Week 2: This week students will learn the areas of the stage. What song dossiers are and how to write them. Students will also learn to do Musical Improv, an exercise where students will get on stage and perform an improve game but using the music to invoke choices. 


Week 3:  This week students will learn basic dance techniques and terms. They will also learn a small dance combo. Students will pick a song to bring in and sing the following week. 


Week 4: This week students will write a song dossier for their character. They will also workshop their song with the teacher and learn how to act a song out. 


Week 5: This week students will perform their song in front of the class. Students will be able to give constructive criticism to their peers. 


Week 6: This week students will learn a jazz dance combo to a Broadway song. Students will also choose a monologue to prepare for next week. 


Week 7: This week students will workshop their monologue and also perform their dance combo. 


Week 8: This week students will perform their monologue, and the audience will give constructive criticism. 


Week 9: This week students will learn the art of cold readings. How to interpret a script when you just receive it and how to bring it to life. 


Week 10: This week students will pick a scene partner and do a cold read together. Every duet will perform together in front of the class. 


Week 11: This week students will pick out their material for the showcase. Everyone together will create an order of show, the theme, and which dance we will perform as a class. 


Week 12: Students will perform either their song or monologue from their choosing, in a mini showcase. They will also perform one of the dance combos they have learned from the combo. At the end, they will receive a certificate that shows they have successfully completed our program. 

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